Nancy Engle

My published works

Nancy Engle is a native of Southwest Philly. She moved to the Washington, DC area in 1976 where she lived and worked for 37 years. While there, she enjoyed teaching computer classes which took her traveling around the country and to Central America. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology and eventually settled into a career with the State of Maryland where she worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, helping clients improve their lives. She also was a member of the Central Maryland Crime Scene Search Team for many years.  Upon her retirement from the State, she continued sharing her expertise, teaching Communications and Sociology at the Frederick Community College in Maryland.

She enjoys reading and participating in reading and writing groups. She credits these groups with helping her expand her creativity and develop works that have been published for your reading enjoyment.

She and her husband retired to South Carolina, where she enjoys going to the beach and writing mystery novels.